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Nothing replaces your natural tooth, but good implants can come close. A dental implant is somewhat the closest possible solution to match the real thing. Marie-Louise Astrup-Wrisberg at Dental Clinic Rungstedtand Hørsholm is an expert in the field.

These dental implants have been used for several decades. They’re manmade which look like screws and are made of titanium along with other materials which are compatible with the human body. The single tooth implant is placed by surgery in the upper or lower jaw, where it replaces your lost tooths root. Rungstedtand Hørsholm Dental Clinic collaborates with some of the best surgeons in Denmark.

An implant looks and acts as a natural tooth. It fits even whenever you speak and chew. A single tooth implant doesn’t demand therapy to your other tooth. It can help you maintain a fantastic degree of bone around your tooth.

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Placing an implant through a 2-step process

The way implants are placed depends upon your anatomy or bone structure, the sort of implant, and the tooth being replaced. Some implants require 2 or 3 appointments and might take up to one year to complete. Other implants may have a temporary crown placed on the exact same day. You or your dentist can discuss what type is best for you.

At Rungstedtand we normally do this in 2-steps.

Some implants require four or even three basic steps:

Placement of the implant

Your dentist places the implant into your jawbone. There might be some swelling or tenderness after the surgery, so analgesic can be prescribed to ease the discomfort. Your dentist may recommend a diet of soft foods throughout the process of recovery.

The process of recovery when doing a dental implant

What makes an implant so strong is the bone actually grows around it and holds it in place. This process is called osseointegration and takes a little time. Many people may need to wait up to the implant is totally integrated before a replacement tooth may be attached to the implant. This may take several months. Other folks might have the implant and a temporary replacement tooth placed all in one visit. The duration of the process of recovery is dependent upon the location of the replacement tooth and the sort of implant being used.

Fixing your lost tooth with a dental implant

To get one tooth implant, your dentist custom-makes a brand new tooth to you, called a crown. It’s based on size, shape, and color which will combine with your other tooth. Once completed, the manmade tooth is connected to the implant pole or abutment.

Are you a candidate for an implant?

Dentist Astrup-Wrisberg at Rungstedtand Hørsholm can help you determine if you should get a dental implant.

Good dental hygiene is very important for the achievement of your implant.

You will have to make sure the area around the implant is especially clean. Your dentist may recommend that you use a special toothbrush, called an interproximal brush, or a mouth-rinse product to assist in preventing gum problems.You also need to choose oral care products assessed by your dentist. Send Rungstedtand an E-mail if you are in doubt. Every one of those accepted products can assist ensure the region around your implant remains healthy.

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